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It is definitely interesting how much the cost per mile varies based on location and charger type. Unfortunately, the industry has yet to settle on metrics that are as ubiquitous and understood as $/gallon and mpg. With that said, I can charge at my house for about $3/100 miles while fast chargers in my area are still around that $10/100 miles you saw. With the exception of one road trip, it's basically been all overnight charging in my driveway.

As more states, municipalities, utilities, and businesses roll out more robust charging networks, it will hopefully be easier to plug in at your hotel or at your designation without having to plan the same way. Until then growth in the rental market will be more difficult and will probably only reach the Patricks of the world.

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I think we have the technology to determine $/100 miles for each car. I know that depends on car model, battery capacity, electricity prices, and weather, but that could all be approximated. Or we will just have to slowly learn in a society what $0.20/kwh means.

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