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I heard a woman at the barbers this morning saying that DST was for farmers so they could use more daylight. I about fell out of my chair laughing at these imaginary idiots.

Re-reading this reminded me that I'm on neither DST nor standard, just like everyone else. Noon is whenever the sun is at its peak in *your* locale. Sunrise is sunrise, same with sunset. All else is the work of the Devil.

For the last few years, I've been saying something like "In the 12th century, monks invented clocks to pray at (supposedly) even intervals. They crawled into their clocks – these forerunners of modern professors – and we've been viewing the world from inside their clocks ever since." Their *abstraction* of time into discrete, even segments is a modern, all-pervasive dogma. What is a day? It is not a multiple of seconds. What is a year? It's also not a multiple of seconds. When can we start planting? Well, you don't want to be laid low by a late frost! I'm not a physicist, but I believe Einstein figured this out, and it's where we get the space-time continuum: if scientists measure time with space, and space with time, voilà!, space-time continuum (and a whole lot that sounds like Christian cosmogony/eschatology).

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