Another great read! This was a reminder of how much Colorado liquor (not to mention other vice) laws have changed in the last decade and continue too. "Full strength" beer is now available in grocery stores, as of 1/1/23 wine will be available too; and businesses can now have more than one location in the state.

I'm now going to nit-pick about the difference of civic pride and being a sports fan. Although I'm sure plenty of tax payer money has subsidized the team and their facilities over the years, the people of Philadelphia are simply phanatics, not owners/citizens. With the exception of one US professional sports team, this remains true across the country. Civic pride should be a representation of the people and the place. Now the Chicago flag is a symbol of civic pride! https://youtu.be/pnv5iKB2hl4?t=985

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That's a great point. Almost all the Philadelphia stuff was for the Eagles - very little from other aspects of the city.

I agree with Roman Mars about flags - especially about the monstrosity that is the official flag of Milwaukee :-). I might need to do a vexillology post. My favorite city flag is flag of St. Louis, and I think the best flag is the flag of New Mexico.

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The backside of the Oregon flag is a dark blue field with a golden beaver in the center. Just sayin'

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