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This makes such good sense. In my old, somewhat racially diversified neighborhood on Chicago's south side, we just lost hundreds of affordable housing units (11 buildings) to a developer from New York. No soon-to-be renovated units were set aside for affordable housing, thus displacing many long-term, limited-income renters who are now scrambling to find housing in this scarce market. The alderman did little, if anything, to maintain any affordable units or re-settle renters. More of the "haves" and " have-nots."

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Preach! The state of Colorado tried to pass a sweeping land use bill (SB23-213) earlier this year, but ended up running up against opposition on both sides of the aisle. Even with significant narrowing of the applicability it still didn't pass thanks to home-rule defenders and thinly veiled NIMBYs. My hope is there is another attempt in next years legislative session and/or more municipalities take up the issue. But you know, nothing ruins historic character like a duplex or an ADU.

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The tide is turning at least.

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