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Forest fires and recessions: When burning it down is a good thing

Arrow's Impossibility Theorem and College Football

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Bad economics at the Las Vegas Grand Prix

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The State of the Economy: November 2023

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More Than You Wanted To Know: Shouting fire in a crowded theater

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The United Kingdom as the 51st State

What should Yale do?

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Bad Economics: Apartment Edition

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Mean vs. Median: The Reckoning

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The Ultimate Bubble

The Titan Submersible and the Rule of Rescue

That time a college tried to close itself

June 2023: Thoughts on the Fed and Inflation


Notes on Great Britain

The best TV episode of the year

Connecticut has an insane tax break

No, the electoral college does not have a "built-in bias" for Republicans

White is the new black

Red Pen Edit: Alex Tabarrok on airline cancellations

Economics for Muggles: Green parties in Europe

I had ChatGPT take my final exam. How do you think it did?

That time a ski resort got evicted from its own mountain

The real power of King Charles III

The Debt Ceiling

64 is the new 62

More than you wanted to know: World War I

Driving a Tesla: Consumer economics edition

Tucker Carlson is wrong even when he's for bigger government

But which inflation?

The World's Oldest Debt

Notes on Charleston

The Costco Hot Dog

April 2023: Thoughts on the economy

Economics for Muggles: The Columbine Shooting and Housing Prices

That time a hedge fund stole a naval vessel

On the risk of Silicon Valley Bank 'Hot Takes'

What Happened to Silicon Valley Bank

Facts about DST

Publishing in Economics

The Environmental Scam of the Century

The Zombie Multiverse

Econ 101: Quantitative Easing

Deep Dive: Student Loan Forgiveness Part II

Deep Dive: Student Loan Forgiveness Part I

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Should I go to graduate school?

Argentina Currency Confusion

Econ 101: Labor Market Statistics

Economics Challenge Recap: How did the class do?

Economics Challenge: Which Nation is Wealthier?

The Game Theory of Getting a PhD

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Patrick's Book Club: Magpie Murders


Notes on Belize

Just Plane Bad


Red Pen Edit: Scott Galloway on the Future of Education

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